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Like a Billion Likes, by Erik Forrest Jackson

Like a Billion Likes, by Erik Forrest Jackson Aaron Roberts, Delaney Milbourn, Evan Michael Woods, Mikaela Krantz, Dana Schultes - photo by Nat Chittamai

An insecure, desperate-for-attention high school girl, and the fleeting fame of social media: what could go wrong there?  Plenty, in Erik Forrest Jackson’s darkly funny and pointed Like a Billion Likes, beginning a world premiere run at Stage West on January 18.
Misty Riggs is a nobody, which is something she just can’t accept—anything would be better than being ignored. After her initial attempts to stand out fail, she decides to leverage social media for one last desperate try, with potentially disastrous consequences. Like a Billion Likes is a thought-provoking story of teens today, and the burning desire many of us have to be recognized for something, anything, no matter what the cost.
Winner of Stage West’s 2016 Southwest Playwriting Competition.
Contains strong language.

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